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(Blink) It's Been a Month

Well, it has been a month now here in Costa Rica. In an unfortunate but true cliche, it has been a really quick four weeks. We have already knocked out two weeks of language learning. The girls have three weeks down for Sojourn Academy (their school attached to our campus). We are doing this crazy thing called being missionaries!

While we have been out and about exploring all of us have lamented about missing our home... The home we were referring to is our abode in San Jose. It may be odd to some readers but that has been a heartwarming statement after such an adjustment. Our surroundings are becoming more familiar and our routine is the norm now.

All 3 of the girls have adjusted to central american life uniquely. They have adjusted in ways Angel and I never really would have guessed. It hasn't been easy for us as parents to adjust to their potential meltdowns for sure. We have both spent quality time praying with each of the girls when the tough times boil up. The toughest part for me has been the challenge presented in coming out of a CEO/business role to becoming an 'ever present' dad and around the family all the time. It sounds like no big deal but it has been a total shift for me in unique ways.

One of the top 3 questions I get from friends, donor partners or anyone really is, "What is it like to learn Spanish?" Well, let me tell you all, it is no joking around. We have had to retrain our brains to learn! Yes folks, getting old and learning do not necessarily naturally go hand in hand. The cool part is that we get to focus on a subject that is going to impact our jobs/ministry for the long term. We both spend 4 hours a day in class starting at 7:30 am with an hour break in-between our classes. The truth... language learning takes all my ego and pride and drop kicks it out the door. It has brought me down to some pretty low points over the last few weeks but that is where God has/wants me. I can honestly tell you that language learning is truly a tough experience. A veteran student pulled me aside when he saw me struggling and stated, "When you think you are totally over all this remember this one simple thing... Everyone ever, that has gone through this process has said the exact same thing!"

Thanks so much for sticking with us on this journey. God has been doing a lot of really amazing things through all 5 of us. We are allowing time to acclimate to our lives here, and our new routine, language, and culture. Thank you for all your prayer during this time. We are overwhelmed with your love for our family! Gracias!

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