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Barranquilla Church planting

Building Bridges, Transforming Cities: Join Us in Driving Real Gospel Change

Join us in a mission that transcends bricks and mortar. In the heart of bustling cities, where the pulse of humanity beats strongest, lies our calling: to empower, to transform, and to build futures. With 68% of the world's population set to dwell in urban landscapes by 2050, the need for our ministry has never been more urgent.


Our Vision:

Imagine cities where every corner echoes with the message of hope. Where discipleship, evangelism, and community thrive in tandem. This is our vision—an urban landscape transformed by the power of the Gospel.


Our Approach:

We serve as catalysts, igniting change in local churches and communities. Our Co.Labor spaces provide more than just desks and chairs; they are hubs of collaboration, innovation, and Gospel-centered growth. By empowering pastors, we amplify their impact, accelerating the spread of the Gospel in urban areas.


Key Initiatives:


  • Church Planters Accelerator: Our comprehensive program equips and empowers church planters, providing them with the tools they need to succeed. Through mentorship, accountability, and financial support, we nurture the growth of thriving churches and spiritual communities and launch them into the cities where we live.


  • Community Outreach: Engaging with church plants and communities through targeted initiatives in bettering marriages, mentoring parents, teaching personal finance, and English language learning. Our goal: is to create disciples who, in turn, impact their communities with the message of hope.


  • Business Community Evangelism: we bridge the gap between professionals and faith where 74% don’t have any personal faith. Through opportunity, we create opportunities for evangelism and discipleship to take place.


  • Compassionate Philanthropy: Supporting ministries and faith-based organizations in Latin America, we extend our reach beyond 4 walls, bringing hope to those in need.


Your Impact:

Every dollar counts. Your support enables us to equip pastors, engage communities, and transform urban landscapes. With your help, we can provide the necessary equipment, technology, materials, and tools to kickstart our outreach and church planting efforts.


Matching Grant Opportunity:

Thanks to a generous matching donor, every contribution you make is doubled. With a matching grant of $20,000, your impact is multiplied, bringing us closer to our overall fundraising goal.

Funding Breakdown (Yearly):

Accelerator: $21,300

Small Groups: $9,600

Operating Costs: $29,800

Equipment: $15,500

Overall Goal: $80,000

Click to Donate:

Your support is crucial in realizing our mission and impacting lives for eternity. Join us as we transform urban landscapes with the power of the Gospel. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of individuals and communities worldwide.

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