How you can you Support our ministry?

join us in our ministry in colombia


We believe this to be the most crucial aspect of how you can partner with our family as we continue on this journey God has called us. It is such a gift and comfort having a strong prayer support team made up of people who are on the other side of the world! 



Pray for the missionaries we are working with as they have had a tough few years working in Colombia. Covid coupled with financial challenges are a lot of stress for the team here in Colombia.

Keep Fundacion Rubato in your prayers as they are still in the infancy of all that needs to be accomplished before they can take the next steps toward success. Specifically pray for Alfredo, Steffany, Steffin, and Natalia as they are all dealing with the pressures of starting this undertaking.



Be praying for investors to come our way in reference to Co.Labor, the co-working space. We are making great progress and the next step of having direct investment in the project is taking place.

Please lift up the local pastors we are working with these last few months. Pray for their marriages and their spouses, pray for their kids and their close family. Lift them up as they struggle against all the adversity facing them on a daily basis.


Pray God would continue to build her community here in Barranquilla with both mission partners and friends.


That the Lord would provide wisdom to her and her team members on how He wants them to participate in His work here in Barranquilla.


Pray that God will use Kat and the team in Barranquilla to grow His kingdom and support the national Church here in Colombia.



Be praying for my new school group that I am a part of, Paideia Fellowship. It is a lot of work and I love the relationships but it is hard stuff and I want to do really well.

Please lift up my volleyball friends that don't know the Lord. I want them to go to Heaven and know what God is like.

Reagan :


Please pray for my Grandma in North Carolina. She has cancer and we are praying for her to be healed and get all better as soon as possible.

McKinley :


For our school group in Barranquilla that those that don't know Jesus would come to know Him. We love them a lot and want them to know God like we do. 


If you feel led to partner with us financially, there are a few ways you can help. A welcome part of our journey is support raising within our community of friends and family. Primarily, we are hoping to ally with those who are willing to give on a consistent, monthly basis. This supports us while here in Barranquilla. This group of people will not be distant and disconnected from us. Our goal is to continue to develop strong bonds with those who choose to support us in this way. 


Fundraising is a necessary but hard part of what we have to do. Supporters do often change but we need to maintain a certain monthly budget to remain in Colombia with our church plant. Shown below is a simple breakdown of our monthly support costs, we want to be transparent. If you have more specific questions, please don't hesitate to ask! SAM has provided us with amazing resources to further explain our finances in detail.

monthly support Needs
  • $3,630 - Our monthly living allowance (This includes groceries, transportation, and all personal expenses.)

  • $1,200 - Housing/Utilities

  • $1,252 - International Health Insurance

  • $985 - SAM Admin. Fee (This pays for their care for us.) 

  • $320 - Retirement Savings

  • $147 - Medical Bridge/Supplemental Life Insurance

  • $369 - Social Security/FICA Match

  • $550 - Field Ministry Expenses (costs that include administration in Colombia including, Travel, Support Communications, General Admin fees, and our annual Field Conference.

  • $500 - Work Funds (These are the dollars we spend for ministry expenses like meetings, meals, internet, co-working costs, etc.)

Total Monthly Goal = $8,453.00

ways you can donate:

By mail

By mail

South America Mission

1021 Maxwell Mill Road

Suite B

Fort Mill, SC 29708

To support our ministry, include a note stating our name, Colombia, and the amount you are giving.


Click below on the symbol and it will direct you to the online giving site for our family. 



You can reach out to SAM's Donor Relations Dept  @ 803-802-8580