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The Vision Trip
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The two oldest Ballew girls are heading to Medellin, CO in a national event featuring all the best club volleyball teams within the country and even a few from several neighboring countries surrounding Colombia. It is a really cool chance for the girls to compete but an even cooler opportunity to be a part of their team as they will be staying with their group the entire time! Plus, an added bonus is Joel's parents/sister are coming down to take part in all the fun! 

Location: Medellin, CO

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New Prayer Card Pictures

It may not be a big deal to you... But to us it is a big one! We are finally getting new prayer card photos taken in the city we do ministry and live!​ Keep an eye out for our newest prayer card in the mail or electronically. Hopefully, it will be coming soon. 

Location: Barranquilla, CO



SAM Board Meetings

SAM's Annual Board Meeting takes place over a series of days that include a lot of prayers, fellowship, and long-term strategizing for the mission. These meetings are critical as God works through the board members to be "visioneers" for what His plan is in South America as well as how every specific missionary can fulfill their calling. 

Location: Fort Mill, SC