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We as a couple get the cool opportunity to work on us as a couple for 15 weeks with other couples from across Gwinnett county. This training is invaluable as it teaches authenticity and how to put God at the center of our marital relationships. 

Be praying God gives us hearts of love and patience and that Joel can really work on being authentic with his emotions.


Location: 12 Stone Central Campus



The Vision Trip
Don't miss our coming events:


This event is a culmination of work that has been going on for some time now. The Lion's Den is a group of over 600 followers of Jesus that desire to see businesses use their platforms to see the Gospel message shared in the business community. They are leaders of the BAM movement (Buisness As Missions). Joel will be presenting Co.Labor to those interested in potentially investing in companies like his. Prayers for his speaking!

Location: Samford University, US



BAQ Symphony Orchestra

For the first time ever, Barranquilla will begin the process of starting a Symphony Orchestra. That might not be such a big deal but due to our contacts and relationships, our home will be the location of their practices, rehersals, as well as all the planning of the administrative team! It is exciting to see our friends take this on and bring classical music to the city. Keep up on social media as we will have videos posted for sure!​

Location: Northern Barranquilla, Colombia



One of our family's favorite holidays, Thanksgiving represents both a busy time as well as a cherished time. We will have several different parties/events as Colombians love to celebrate this holiday in our home, soaking up all the traditions that come with it. People from all walks of life will join us in a fun time for sure. ​

Location: Barranquilla, CO