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Catch-up Time

Hey everybody! I thought it might be time for an update. We are in the first stages of fundraising with a fundraising agency. It has been exciting to learn from them, and to start implementing what we've been learning in the last 2 months.

We have a list of things to do before we can go!

The tallest order is fundraising... we need to be at 100% funds raised before we can go to Costa Rica for language training. We have set the goal of May 2017. We have sent out a few "waves" of fundraising emails, and will continue to meet with people and share how God has brought us to this point. If you'd like to hang out with us (usually involves food and laughs!) send us a PM or text. We can set something up! That's been the fun part...getting together with friends and telling the story of what God has already been doing in our lives.

Please pray for us as we continue to seek God's timing, and plan for us. We both feel an "emptying" happening... A pouring out of ourselves so that He can fill us with what we need. We have specific things on our list to do for TEAM as we prepare. Pray that we are able (especially Joel) to do these things along with our already full schedule.

Love to you all. Praying God meets each of you right where you are.

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