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Available. The Series

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

A lifeguard. A maid. An architect student. A real estate agent. A computer programmer. A young mom. The Arab restaurant waitress.

Our lives begin to weave a pattern. With each new relationship an internal curiosity. Will this be one of the ones? It certainly brightens our mindsets. The hope of knowing this person more, really hearing who they are, what they think, and where they've been. That is the beginning, that may or may not lead to questions.

What are we looking for?

Really, it could be anyone. We don't know exactly. We can't pretend to know and take credit for it. You're doing life, you're listening, you're listening....(this happens more when you are still learning a language!) You're smiling. You're not rushed. You are available.

Join me in my discovering what evangelism and discipleship look like in our world, but really any where.

First in the series here.

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