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Business As Missions Podcast: Co.Labor

This month I wanted to spotlight an innovative podcast that I had the opportunity to take part in as part of the BAM (Business As Mission) community I joined the last year. Some of you know that I have launched a for-profit business in our city in order to be on mission in a creative way. Co.Labor is a coworking space provider with a single mission for church planting in urban centers. I believe this can be the bridge between church and community. The Lord laid this idea on my heart while in language school and it has grown to be over 50% fundraised as of this post. Co.Labor is a unique opportunity for pastors, leaders, and entrepreneurs in our city to work together.

Recapping quickly for those that aren't familiar with the acronym BAM, here is a bit more context. "BAM" is the intentional integration of cross-cultural business and ministry together that enables the proclamation of the Gospel, is concerned with the least reached/lost, and is committed to profitability and sustainability of Kingdom resources. According to The Antioch Project, "Kingdom businesses have a four-fold bottom line: spiritual, economic, social and environmental. Kingdom businesses are also committed to operating in such a way that they provide an organic context for evangelism and discipleship, mobilize and sustain prayer support, strive for the holistic transformation of individuals and communities, seek the holistic welfare of employees, model Christ-like servant leadership and embody Kingdom ethics."

The folks over Third Path Initiative are on the cutting edge of the BAM movement so when they asked me to do their podcast I was honored. It was a fun opportunity to talk shop, share about my journey, and publicize Co.Labor as well. A big thanks go out to Mike and the whole team for the opportunity!

Click the link below to get more insight and maybe even answer a few of your "burning" questions!

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