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Financial Update Video

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Good morning, afternoon, and evening wherever you are in the world! We hope you are having an amazing day and God is doing something impactful in and through you!

As the process of home assignment is in motion we wanted to answer some of the questions we are getting about our fundraising/financial support. I have been racking my brain to do that in a clear and concise way. Well, our video updates seem to be the answer. Welcome to the 1st ever edition of #FinancialFriday! This is a quick opportunity for those of you with short attention spans (or no time to watch a 15 min. video) to check in on how our support raising is going. This is the #2 question we get in our days of calls, meetings, and online conferences/meetings.

This first video we go through the latest news on some exciting updates. Especially as it comes to what has been coming in lately from a financial perspective. Also, we give you an inside tip into how you can see where all our support dollars are broken down into and why our overall amount of monthly need is what it is.

We hope this is informative and helpful as we narrow the gap to get back to Barranquilla and our ministry work. We would love your feedback so don't hesitate to leave a comment on YouTube or here on our blog. Interaction is our favorite!

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